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Ice Cream
One of our first ideas was to create an interesting destination for all the families who go for a warm summer evening walk. What could be better than some high quality ice cream.
We learned quickly that good quality ice cream was not all that easy to find. We won't share here the details of what we discovered but leave it that you wouldn't be pleased if you knew all the ingredients of much of the ice cream available on the market.
For many years we sold only Lois N' Frima's home make ice cream. However when Laurentian View Dairy went out of business last year access to Lois N' Frima's ice cream became much more limited. Therefore we now carry Denali's Moose Tracks line of products with flavors like Caramel Caribou.
There are three categories of ice cream on the market: regular, premium and super premium. All products in the Moose Tracks line are rated super premium.
When you make such high quality product, its not inexpensive. However we have tried to price our products so the evening walk we referred to will not be too expensive.
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