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Christmas Baking
We opened our first small store on Kilborn Ave. about 12 years ago and then moved to our present location on Arch St. about 7 years ago. Throughout we have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of the nicest and most interesting customers. We thank you.  

Our Coffee
We serve coffee from an award-winning local roaster:  Happy Goat



Espresso is a full-flavored, concentrated form of coffee that is served in "shots." It is made by forcing pressurized, hot water through very finely ground coffee beans. The process is called "pulling a shot."

The full flavor of espresso makes it the ideal base for mixing a variety of coffee drinks. Many are simple variations of one of the following all of which begin with a shot or two of espresso:

Cafe Latte - This is a tall steamed milk drink with a double shot of espresso. They are often flavored with syrups.

Cappuccino - This is a short steamed or frothed milk drink with a single shot of espresso.

Caffe Americano - This involves a shot of espresso topped with hot water to fill a 6- ounce cup. It's a nice alternative to drip coffee when you desire a tall drink but still want a rich flavor.

Re Eye - This is the ultimate caffeine jolt. The drink is a shot of espresso on top of a cup of regular coffee.

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Our Products
Private Events
   Private Events

3 Sisters offers a unique setting for a variety of private events, such as:
Retirement Parties
Book Signings
Anniversary Parties
Holiday Parties
Please call Rosemary at the store or email her at: rosemary.3
3 Sisters Bakeshop is available after hours or on Sundays. 
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  Size: 8"                                $44.90
Size: 8"                                            $44.90
Size: 8"                                        $44.90
Size: 8"                               $44.90
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If you need your cake in less than a week, please give us a call - 613-731-3400

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